"Konrath can turn just about any angle into an interesting read, but with Fistful of Pizza his pure comic genius is allowed to roam free." - Metal Curse zine (see review)

A childhood friend that turned terrorist in an Islamic militant splinter faction of Amway. Richard Nixon's commentary on his favorite Dokken album. A reality TV show about competitive grave robbing. A movie review of Little Fockers, exploring the film's BSDM-inspired pedophilia themes and parody of the Ben Hur chariot race, filmed with small breed dogs around a set designed like a 1970s Times Square filled with heroin addicts and pornographers.

Such scenarios and more are depicted in Fistful of Pizza, ten short stories and tales of woe by Jon Konrath, author of Rumored to Exist. This metafictional collection of surrealist fiction is compiled from Konrath's long-running web site, The Wrath of Kon, and includes "If People Can Eat Blood Pudding, I Can Say I'm a Writer on My Tax Return," "With Sleep, All Things are Possible", "My Friend, The Jihadist," "My Brother Died in a Clown Car Accident, You Douchebag," and five other pieces of gonzo fiction written from a grim and twisted point of view.

ISBN: 978-1-257-82824-1, 150 pages

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