The Earworm Inception

Author Jon Konrath enjoys straddling the line between fact and fiction in this twenty short story collection laden with popular culture references. In this alternative history, cannibalism is all the craze, R Kelly made history by leading police on a high speed chase, kids are getting high on Metamucil, Crispin Glover is the president, everything is Julia Roberts fault, and zombies are just an everyday occurrence. It's all normal in Konrath's world. - Bibliomantics (see review)

A food truck craze involving human cannibalism. A Texas Governor who obsessively listens to Rebecca Black right before every state execution. A chainsaw factory that plays Ozzy Osbourne for its welding robots. An ex-girlfriend drunk-dialing from Kandahar, where she's starting a Shakey's Pizza restaurant chain. And an endless search to find the right mix of prescription medication to stop the memories of a bizarre past.

These mad stories make up the latest by Jon Konrath, a collection of 20 flash fiction narratives that cross between metafiction and experimental prose, telling grim and absurd fast-paced tales about Konrath's life in a twisted fashion.

Includes the following stories:

ISBN: 978-0-9844223-3-3, 134 pages

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