Book of Dreams

By Jon Konrath

I'm trying to eat a foot-long hot dog in a Barnes and Noble parking lot, but it's fifty below zero out, and blood is dripping from my eyeballs. Someone sends me a text in Chinese. I paste it into Google Translate, and it says something like "I'm dying on a picnic bench in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, and my pet alpaca is running in a primary election in the fall." I'm not sure if it's a political spam, or a plea for help.

Book of Dreams is absurdist writer Jon Konrath's latest experimental work, a journal chronicling his dreams, visions, nightmares and hallucinations. Weaving through a nocturnal world of post-apocalypse and surrealism, Book of Dreams randomly flows through a landscape of surreal encounters, ranging from the everyday to the absurd. This nonlinear record of dreamscape provides a view into the author's mind, exploring the subconscious and the bizarre.

ISBN: 978-1-942086-11-6, 6x9" 168 pages

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