About this site

Hello and welcome to The Wrath of Kon, my web journal and scratchpad for various writing experiments and disasters. This journal was started in 1997, and has went through various lulls and bursts of writing since then.

I’m Jon Konrath, and I’m a writer, in my 40s, and living in West Oakland, CA. I work as a technical writer. And at night, I write books. There’s more personal info about me here.

I’ve been doing this long before the word “blog” was coined. To me, a blog is a “web log”, or mostly a list of links to the things you’ve seen while messing around on the web. This isn’t anything new; back in 1992 when I started a homepage and played with Mosaic, almost every page out there consisted nothing but links to other pages on the web. Now there are a lot of fancy, database-driven, skinnable, thin-client, open-source, standards-compliant, RSS-aggregated, Web 2.0 solutions to do the same thing, but those pages aren’t writing, and that is what I like to do. So instead of a bunch of little entries containing links to what’s neat and a lot of time wasted on design and whatever else, I would rather write longer essay-type pieces.

The first three years or so of this journal were published in a book, and I think they make good reading. Of course, you could click through all of the links for those years here for free, but if you want to do it the old-fashioned way and sit down with a piece of dead tree, I think it’s worth it for the price.

Anyway, keep in touch, and enjoy.