Various appearances

Just a few other appearances of mine worth a mention for completists:

First, I wrote an introduction for Jeff O’Brien’s book Butt Stuff. I don’t normally write stuff like this — actually, I think it’s the first time I’ve written an introduction for something that wasn’t mine, or something of Paragraph Line’s. Full disclosure: I wrote this introduction without having read the book. When Jeff asked me to do it, he had like half a TOC and a few rough drafts in Word. So I wrote a long, rambling thing that had little if anything to do with the book, and tried to make it big enough that it would take up the entire Kindle preview. Anyway, the book is cheap, and looks fun, so check that out.

Also, I am in a video game now. Writer and publisher (at Rooster Republic) Don Noble has also dipped into the video game production world and come out with a game called Heckpoint. It is a side-scroller shoot-em-up that reminds me of the good old days of bitmapped arcade classics. My familiar meme picture appears as a boss in one level, flying a little flying saucer ship. The game is on Steam, and works on Windows machines, although I think they’re trying to get it onto video game machines soon. It is an early access game, meaning they are still adding features to it. And it’s cheap. So check that out.

I also have another podcast appearance scheduled, more on that after it’s released.

And I still have a new-ish book out, in case you haven’t read anything here in two months. It’s getting good reviews, and it’s also cheap, so give that a spin if you haven’t already.