Review my book Thunderbird for free and win stuff

OK, here’s the deal: I have this book Thunderbird. It came out in 2013.  It’s a pretty good book. It did so-so and then fell off the radar.  I think more people should give it a read.

So, I’m doing a giveaway through Story Cartel. For the next three weeks, you can go there, sign up, and get a copy of the ebook for free.

Now, part of the reason I’m doing this is I hope you read it and like it and write a review.  I really need more reviews, because they are the only way you can sell books if you’re a self-published author.  And I don’t pull in huge audiences because I write weird books. So, I’d appreciate it if you went to Amazon or Goodreads and wrote a review.

Here’s the good part.  Story Cartel has a giveaway every month.  They give away ebook readers (Kindles and Nooks and whatnot) and gift cards to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you go and download the free book, you are entered into the monthly drawing. If you go write a review of my book, you are entered again.

(If you’ve already read the book, you can still sign up, and you’ll be entered into the contest. If you read the book and didn’t review it, you’re now motivated to write a review and you’re entered again.)

Here’s the link for the book:

I’d appreciate it if you went there and clicked those “share” buttons and spread the word on this one.  Thanks!


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