Win a copy of my new book, Atmospheres

OK, so I wrote this book called Atmospheres.

You should probably have already bought it.  Okay, maybe you haven’t.  NyQuil is expensive.

So I am having a giveaway on Goodreads.  You can win one of four copies.  The giveaway is here:

You have to have a Goodreads account.  You also have to be 18, and you have to be in the US.

I also wrote this huge warning on the giveaway site, telling people not to sign up for the book.  It’s mostly because these soccer moms on goodreads sign up for every single giveaway, and then when the book isn’t a Harlequin romance written for the second grade reading level, they throw a fit and leave a one-star review.  I know that isn’t you, but retinal ID technology is young, and I don’t have a way to tell. I’d rather spend the money giving the book to someone who wants it.  That’s why you should sign up.

I don’t get your email address or physical address to spam you if you enter.  You won’t get added to any mailing list.  You will, hopefully, get a copy of the book and be inspired to write a great review of it and then go buy all the rest of my books and tell all of your friends and have them buy all of my books, and on and on until I get the money to build a large castle on my land in Colorado, and then fly you and your friends out there so we can shoot catapults filled with human shit at the traffic on the highway.  This probably won’t happen, because a) nobody buys books b) nobody tells their friends to buy books c) there’s not a lot of traffic on the highway by my land and d) shooting human shit from a catapult is generally fairly inaccurate.  But a guy’s gotta try.  (The book selling thing, not the catapult/human shit thing.)

The giveaway sign up period goes until June 10th, because I didn’t want to get stuck with sending out books ten seconds before I left for Germany, which means I will probably bug you about this again later.  But go sign up now, so when you win and get a book this summer, it will be a pleasant surprise.  (I mean, until you read it.  This isn’t a Holly Hobby book or anything.)


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