Sign up for my damn mailing list

Okay, I know mailing lists are so like 1997.  I get that.

And I know you get stuck on all of these mailing lists every time you try to some new internet startup that mashes together pictures of cats with your favorite twitter hashtags or whatever.

But I’ve got a problem here.  How do I tell you about new stuff I’ve written?  I know I can post it here on this blog, but I have this feeling that almost nobody reads this blog anymore.  (You do.  Others might not be as cool as you.) And I could post it on Facebook, but Facebook’s gone all sideways and only shows posts 17% of the time unless you bribe them.  I could post every day on Facebook and hope one of the posts breaks through, but that’s annoying as hell.

Back when I lived in Seattle, I started a zine, because I had a photocopier at work that was begging me to start a zine.  And part of that zine was a newsletter, that told what I was writing or where I was reading.  The ironic part of this is that in the few years I did this monthly zine, I never finished or published anything except the zine.  But it’s sort of a good idea, and having a direct line to people over email is nice.

So here’s the deal.  I am starting a mailing list.  You can go here to subscribe:  I will try to post to it monthly, or when I have a big release, like a new book, or a book reissued to a new platform.  I will try to keep these newsletters short, for my sanity and yours.  But I have a few ideas on the stuff I will include in them:

  • Updates on works in progress.
  • Sneak peeks at covers or descriptions of books that are about to be published.
  • Links to stories of mine that have appeared elsewhere.
  • Free and cheap stuff.  I’m thinking I can email coupon codes to places like smashwords, so I can either give you books and short stories like when The Firestorm rolls around (some of you call it Xmas or whatever) or I can do deeply discounted deals on stuff.
  • News on readings and appearances, if I ever leave the house.
  • Links to other cool authors’ stuff.

Some stuff I won’t do:

  • Send you an email every damn time someone reviews one of my books.
  • Sign you up for the list without your permission.
  • Email more than once a month or so.
  • Email repeatedly telling you to go vote for my story on some weird freaky contest site.
  • Tell you to go like some page to save a group of Guatemalan free-range basket weavers from the oppressive regime of pro-KFC militia members threatening to build a Buy and Bye department store in their yard.  (Probably a dick move by them, but that’s another mailing list.)
  • Send you lyrics from a Toto album (even though Nathan East started playing bass for them in 2010, and he’s played bass for everyone from Joe Satriani to Eric Clapton to Herbie Hancock, which is pretty cool.)
  • Sell your email address, or trade it or give it out to anyone else.

So let’s do this.  Once again, or use the form in the sidebar of this post.  Thanks!


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