Check out my story at New Graffiti

Timothy Gager is a long-time friend and co-conspirator who I actually met when I first met John Sheppard, at his reading in Boston in 2004, and someone I’ve published a few times over at the various versions of

He’s been working on a journal called New Graffiti lately, and asked me for my grittiest work.  I actually despise grits, because I did not grow up in the south – they taste like slimy oatmeal to me.  So I sent him the titular story from my latest book, Sleep Has No Master, instead.  It’s about dreams of traumatic eye injury, which is one of my big fears, seeing as I spend a lot of the day reading stuff.

Anyway, check out the story here: and when you’re done, read some of the other great stuff over there.


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