Check out my latest in the new Rooster Republic anthology

I’m very proud to announce my story, “The Lycanthropic Air Conditioning Folly,” is in Tall Tales with Short Cocks Volume 3!  If you are in “shut up and take my money” mode, here’s the link:

My story (which is previously unpublished and not available anywhere else) is a tale about going to the movies in the summer in New York, which is what I used to do when I had no air conditioning, and is the reason I went to see pretty much everything for years.  The story goes meta within a review for a movie that’s based on a book that I wrote.  A quick excerpt:

Despite the sensationalist imagery and the rights to loot Konrath’s incredibly complicated book for plot ideas, the story plods along in an almost plotless fashion, stopping at the two-hour mark for an intermission reminiscent of the break in the middle of Gone With The Wind, except with a title sequence of a montage of stills taken from the American covert B-52 bombing campaign over Cambodia, while playing the first fifteen minutes of the GG Allin album Freaks, Faggots, Drunks and Junkies. There are sections of the film that liberally borrow from other films and TV, such as a 22-minute segment about an hour into the film that line-by-line steals the entire script from an episode (season 4:episode 1 “Ellie Comes to Town”) of The Andy Griffith Show, except that both Ellie and Ellie’s uncle the pharmacist are played by Keith Richards. Also a large chunk of the final third of the movie is nothing but a YouTube video of a person playing Tron Deadly Discs on an Intellivision.

This collection is the first title for Rooster Republic Press.  They used to be Bizarro Press, but they recently changed their name, I’m assuming because they got too many Seinfeld jokes.  They did two other anthologies like this previously, and I was in both of them.  They’ve also published a lot of other great weird fiction, which is worth checking out.  Their brand new site is over at

The anthology has a bunch of other writers in it, some that I know, and some new to me.  Some of the ones I’m familiar with include Ben John Smith, Arthur Graham, Etienne DeForest, D. Harlan Wilson, Matt Hlinak, and Douglas Hackle.  Check it out!



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