Review of Sleep Has No Master at Bibliomantics

It’s getting harder to find places to get books reviewed, or at least it’s getting harder for me to find places that will review my books.  There are more than a few places putting out reviews of straight genre fiction, but I don’t write murder mysteries or mommyblogger how-to manuals.  I need places that aren’t going to freak out when they get to the part about Ivan’s House of Sheep, and that’s always an issue.

But, The Bibliomantics seem to always be reviewing stuff that’s right up my alley, and they were kind enough to review my last book.  Actually, “review” didn’t describe the 1200-word summary of the book; most reviews clock in under 50 words, so that was probably the best press the book got.

So, I was happy to see the review of my newest book, Sleep Has No Master.  Check it out here:

And if you don’t have the book yet, check it out here:


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