Sleep Has No Master, now in paperback too

I’m proud to announce my new book, Sleep Has No Master, is now available in glorious dead tree print format.  234 pages of doesn’t-matter-if-you-drop-it-in-the-tub, readable-on-the-beach, loanable-to-friends, no-DRM, no-batteries-required goodness.

If you read my previous book, The Earworm Inception, you’ll like this one.  It’s 27 slices of absurd humor in the same breakneck style, loosely tied together into a novel. Check it out on Amazon here. There’s also a Kindle version available here.

The book includes the following pieces:

  • Signs and Symbols and Spraypaint
  • Sleep Has No Master
  • Tesla Motors Doesn’t Have A Blowjob Referral Program
  • The Nostradamus Scat Porn Prophecies
  • The Marshall Manifesto
  • Sugar Tooth Sockets and Psionic Cancer Induction
  • This Is Like A Dog Trying To Crap A Peach Pit
  • A Matter of Trust
  • The Gamecube Junkie Abortionist’s Revenge
  • The George Washington Buttplug
  • Art Garfunkel is My Copilot
  • The Log Lady Incident
  • Krill Warriors
  • Time Travel And The Posse Comitatus McDonald’s Standoff
  • Princess Di’s Mercedes and the Dead Man’s ASL Chimp
  • Dwarf Meth Madness, Again
  • Jethro P. Teats and the Ass Bandits of Bureaucratic Somnolence
  • Cereal Towelbars and the Navaho Garage Sale
  • The Locality Principle
  • The Shark Boy Hitchhiker
  • Oil Change Introspection Therapy
  • Fifty Shades of Napalm
  • Tree AIDS and the Slurpee Abortion Speech
  • The UFO Mafioso Call-In Hour
  • Peak Oil
  • These Three Things
  • With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas?

As was true previously, I’ve tried to make the price as low as possible to keep this affordable, but the print version obviously has a higher price than the kindle edition. Beaming electrons is always cheaper than chopping down forests.


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