Review of The Earworm Inception at Bibliomantics

My latest book, The Earworm Inception, just got reviewed over at Bibliomantics.  Not only did the book get a good score (4.66 out of 5 stars), but this has to be one of the most comprehensive reviews of one of my books I’ve ever seen.  It pretty much goes through the entire book, story by story.

Check out the review here:

Also, a big thanks to everyone who checked out the book during the free promotion last weekend.  It got an insane number of downloads, and I’ve heard back from a few people who read it and liked it.  I always wonder how many people actually read free downloaded books – I wish Amazon had some kind of analytics to look into that.  Anyway, if you did get the book and liked it, please consider leaving a quick review on Amazon, or just dropping me a line to let me know what you thought.

The next book sits on my desk, printed out and full of red pen. I’m hoping to get something out soon, but every moment I spend screwing around here delays that, so…


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