The Zombies of Kilimanjaro in the new Bizarro Press Anthology

So a few months ago, Arthur Graham bugged me about contributing something to an upcoming anthology by this friend of his who ran Bizarro Press.  On a lark, I slammed out this short story, which is a parody of what I consider to be the best short story ever written, Hemingway’s The Snows of Kilimanjaro.  The original story tells the tale of this failed writer, slowly dying from an infected wound, on a safari in Africa.

So I took that story structure, and did my best Papa impression, of course adding zombies to the mix.  It reads as an good zombie story, but if you had to read the original in some forgotten lit class in college, you’ll appreciate the humor in the new version.

Here’s the intro to the story:

Kilimanjaro is a snow-covered mountain 19,710 feet high, which makes it almost as high as I am as I write this story. Its western summit is called the Masai “Ngage Ngai”, the house of god. (This is not to be confused with the Masai slang term “Ngange Nagali”, which means to perform analingus on a person of the same sex in the bathroom of a train station. This causes a great deal of confusion between first-time visitors and guides.) Close to the western summit, there is the dried and frozen carcass of a zombie. No one has explained how the undead survived at this altitude, although many think it’s a clue to the origin of the outbreak.

This anthology’s got a lot of great contributions in it.  It’s got something by Arthur Graham, plus Adam Millard, Nathan J.D.L Rowark, Wol-vriey, John Mcnee, Dominic O’Reilly, Gabino Iglesias, and Rodin Wyatt Dunn.  It’s all bizarro, and all awesome.

The print version is a couple of weeks out, but the kindle version is now available, and on sale for 99 cents.  Check it out over on Amazon.



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