New flash fiction at Horror Sleaze Trash

I have a new piece of flash fiction, “Dwarf Meth Madness, Again”, over at Horror Sleaze Trash. I’m very happy to get a piece in HST, as it constantly publishes high-caliber Bukowskian poetry and fiction.

This story is tangentially related to one I had in Weirdyear back in January.  A brief quote for your Easter Sunday:

I also grew up in a town that banned Christmas, and renamed it Jesus Day.  Obese city cops with sniper rifles sat in towers at the edge of town, picking off anyone who dared to dress up like Santa.  We used to score a christmas tree from this dude that also sold heroin in the train station.  Just one fix.

Check it out:

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And if you haven’t kept up with the influx of stories coming out, head over to the Published Writing link.  Pretty much all of those stories are available to read for free.  And all of the books are on the Kindle for way cheap.  Thanks for reading!


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