New Story at Weirdyear

My story “With Sleep, All Things Are Possible” was published today over at Weirdyear.  Check it out here:  And if you like my style of writing in general, check out their other writing.

If you’re new here and you liked that story, you would love my book Rumored to Exist.  It is 200 vignettes and short pieces like that linked together into a loose narrative.  There are two editions, the second one being annotated and a bit cheaper.  There are a couple of excerpts at the link above, and you can also read the entire thing for free here:

I’ve also just booked a 12-city speaking tour in Egypt.  For some reason, the tickets were insanely cheap.  I’ll give you more details after I get in touch with my Egyptian agent, who is not answering his phone right now.


One thought on “New Story at Weirdyear

  1. While you are over there you might want to look into getting some speaking gigs in Tunisia, Jordan and Yemen. Apparently these locations are hot places right now for developing sales and a fan base.