The New USFL

I am excited about the new USFL (provided Donald Trump does not get involved.)  I have a lot of great ideas for running a football franchise, so I applied to see if I could get a team started in Colorado.  Let’s see what they say about it:

3 replies on “The New USFL”

I actually did get a reply from him. It was an actual personal reply, and it was from a yahoo account, which pretty much confirm the whole operation is bush-league. (Any time I send a letter to a real corporation, I get a form letter back.)

His reply basically said come up with ten million, and we'll talk. If I had ten million dollars, I'd start my own sport. (I'm thinking a professional demolition derby league.)

Lol. Jon at least you have a sense of humor.. I love it. Hey any chance we can see that email he sent you? I would love to put it up on FB for all to see. You can blackout any personal info if need be. I would appreciate it. Thanks for your response.

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