We had some riots here in Oakland this week.  The whole thing is largely stupid.  A cop shoots a guy; that’s bad.  The cop gets tried and convicted; that’s good.  He only gets a second-degree manslaughter charge; probably not good, but par for the course.  Then an army of hand-wringing people protest the thing; that’s within their right.  And a handful of idiots decide to look and break shit and fuck shit up, and that’s bad.  I think some of the far-left idiots would see this as the evils of Kapitalism rearing its ugly head, and how the evil white man oppresses the working class, or whatever Noam Chomsky bullshit.  Plain and simple, if this was not about a guy getting shot, and it was that the Oakland Raiders actually won a game or the G20 was in town or LeBron signed with the Warriors or ANY OTHER DAMN THING, there would have been idiots throwing trash cans into the windows of stores.  It’s apropos of nothing.

One thing that pissed me off was there was this coffee shop called Jitters and Shakes in downtown Oakland.  It’s a pretty hip place – I remember stopping in when we were looking for a place in Oakland, and it was nice to see something that wasn’t just a generic Starbucks.  It’s a mom and pop type of place, a local business, the kind of thing you want in your neighborhood instead of a faceless corporate entity.  And of course, when the “protests” started to “smash the state” by taking out faceless corporate entities, they completely looted this place, breaking out every window and taking the entire store’s inventory.  (Glad to see that the thug gangbanger set needs to steep some fair trade chai tea as they sort through all of their stolen shoes from the looted Foot Locker.)

Last laugh, though – one of the idiots looting left their cell phone in the store, so the owner went to the cops with it.  Not sure what they can do with it, especially if it’s a prepaid, but still, pretty damn funny.

Other than some psychic tension, the riots did not affect us – we’re pretty far west of the area where it all hit.


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