Here’s an idea I had a few weeks ago. Tell me if you think it’s a good idea or not.

Here’s what I was thinking. The anniversary to 9/11 is coming up in a few months, the fifth anniversary. Do we have a new World Trade Center? A replacement building that’s even cooler? A giant memorial or monument? Some kind of reflective pool or lawn with a bunch of markers? No. Last time I checked, we still have a giant hole in the ground, with a couple of architects fighting over what they want to do about some crystal tower that we know will never happen in our lifetimes. They don’t even have a plan. Or a plan for a plan.

Meanwhile, I’m thinking, I’ve got all this land in Colorado I’m not doing anything with. Now, I don’t have the money or skill to build a new world trade center. But I’ve built a lot of models before, so what if I built a model of the old World Trade center, and put it on my property for other people to check out? It would bring some more visitors to south-central Colorado, it would give people a place to grieve or celebrate or whatever, and I bet I could build the thing faster than it takes these dimwits to build their crystal castle thing here in New York.

I haven’t thought about the details much. At first, I thought maybe I could build a model out of Lego, but that’s too stupid, and then the focus would be on the Lego aspect, and I’d have a lot of beardo Star Trek fans driving out to my house, which could be problematic. I’d probably use a metal frame, and maybe plastic or wood for the exterior. There might not be floors inside the whole thing, I don’t know how detailed it should get. It wouldn’t be full sized – maybe like 1:32 scale or 1:48 scale or something where I could get people and cars and other accessories from a hobby shop that sold Tamiya model kits or whatever. I’d probably pour some concrete for the whole park between the buildings. I guess I’d need some plans, but I bet a few web searches and a look at Wikipedia would at least get me started. Of course, there would be some kind of plaque or Vietnam wall or whatever with the names of the people and firefighters. I think I might run into some zoning issues, but I’d remind them that if they try to stop me, they’re no better than the terrorists.

So that’s the plan. And there would be a donation can, and maybe I’d sell hot dogs or whatever. I’d fly old glory every day, and you could buy the flag for a few bucks, or maybe I’d send them to schools or firehouses or whatever, as goodwill gifts. Visitors could get their pictures taken on the web cam for the accompanying web site, and sign the register. Feel free to leave notes or flags or t-shirts or photos, of course. And if you’ve got some spare plywood or good pictures or know anything about AutoCad, hit me up with some email. Maybe I can get someone to donate an old fire engine or two, and I could let kids play on those. And on Halloween, I could put a King Kong up there, ’76 style.

Anyway, that’s the idea of the week. I guess it’s a little more practical than yet another car stonehenge, or my classic idea of collecting as many abandoned fridges as I could (not hard here in NYC) and then stacking them into a house. Lots of insulation, and adjustable bookshelves all over every wall. I figure if enough people came out to see it, the county would improve the roads a bit, and maybe someone could put in a new McDonald’s or something to feed all of those tourists making their pilgrimage. And maybe I could sell a few god damned books in the process. Right?

(BTW, if you’re offended by the sacrilege involved, you should know I’ll probably forget all about this project seven hours from now. But you have to admit, what I’ve outlined above is a more concrete plan than what the actual planners have outlined for the real WTC site, which is pretty sad.)


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