92, heat index 96

It’s far too hot outside to even think about being productive. Wunderground says 92 with a heat index of 96, which would make my apartment about 746. I’m hiding in the bedroom with the vornado and the little portable AC both churning away like they’re fighting for the lead in the last lap of the Indy 500, but it doesn’t do much. Plus it’s almost nicer to be outside. I just walked to Burger King and back, and it’s hot and humid, but it’s also real air, as opposed to recycled, oxygen-deprived, confined air. Sometimes it just feels better to not breathe AC air, especially when it’s half-ass and not that cold. If I was living in some Donald Trump building with AC that could make a tray of ice cubes in ten seconds flat, I wouldn’t bitch – I’d be able to sleep like a baby. But in this room, it feels stifling.

Speaking of stifling, what the fuck is up with the movie industry this summer? I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately (someone new to go with, and for the AC) and there have been some dud weekends unless you’re into comic books or really shitty remakes. Just about every movie this year has been a remake. It got so bad, we almost went to see Batman. I used to be partial to some comic book movies, but now I hate them. It’s always hard to explain, especially when you’re in an argument with someone that has 50,000 comics in their house and a Marvel toy collection worth more than your 401K, but I guess part of it is that I don’t read comics, and those movies are aimed at people who do. Yes, they try to get some crossover audiences, but when it gets down to it, you’re watching a big action movie where the lead guy is running around in his underwear. It takes a certain suspension of disbelief, and unless the movie is very well done, I just don’t fall for it. And I also don’t like how every single comic book movie starts off with this huge laundry list of “oh, we’re doing this so if you’ve read the comic, you can approve” sort of things. “Oh look, there’s a bunch of other X-men in the background. And this little joke will make you giggle if you already know Spiderman’s backstory.” And if I was a comic book fan, I’d be pissed that someone was basically saying “you’re required to now see this”, although I guess it doesn’t piss off comic book fans when Marvel rolls out a new breakfast cereal or action figure or commemorative clock/radio or whatever else you’re supposed to buy.

OK, that’s my bitch. It’s too hot out to think. Go read the zine if you want more substance. I need to go take another shower.