They Live

Today was Ash Wednesday for all the Catholics out there. I always forget this holiday until I see people walking around with black dots on their heads, and I think I’m in some kind of fucked up, They Live-like movie. Today I walked into McDonald’s for lunch and saw someone with this uneven black dot on her head, and I was thinking, “that’s a pretty fucked up mole or skin cancer or whatever – I wonder why she doesn’t grow out her bangs and comb them over her forehead?” It’s weird because I used to be Catholic, and I’ve lived in a few different cities, and it wasn’t until I moved to New York that I really saw people do the whole ash on forehead thing with any frequency. I’ve always thought it was some sort of rivalry for Catholics to sort of one-up the Jews who get to take all of those special holidays. Of course, I know that saying that is going to offend people, but it’s not like I’m sitting here in a Klan robe as I type this or anything.

Speaking of offending people, I was looking at a friend of a friend’s blog today (sorry to the friend if you’re reading this…) and it was interesting, but this person is a born-again Christian, and their site has tons and tons of various rhetoric about being saved and overturning abortion laws and soforth, and it made me wonder how far removed I am from reality that I really don’t give a fuck about stuff like this anymore. I guess when people ask me my opinion on abortion, I usually say something like “well, I stopped giving them last year”, but the more I think about it, the more I really don’t care. I know the whole rhetoric that females should be able to get safe abortions and it is not something to legislate blah blah blah, but really, seriously: I don’t give a fuck. I think I’m beyond my knocking-chicks-up years and who knows when I’ll have sex again with a condom let alone without, so legal abortion is about as far removed from me as legalized Emu hunting laws.

I don’t know though, because there’s the whole argument about illegal abortion bringing a lot more kids into the world, and I guess that concerns me, at least in that I’m really pissed off about baby mania in this country. I mean, the other night, I’m watching TV, and there is this weepy ad that basically said “if you’re a guy and you like going out with your friends and getting fucked up, you’ll really like staying home at night and watching a kid or ten” and then had the url for Johnson and Johnson, which possibly has more than a causal relationship to the whole baby industry, seeing as they sell about 47 trillion dollars of baby gear every ten minutes. And I saw that ad, and I thought, “you know, I must have not looked at the CNN web page today and missed the giant global war that killed off 74% of the human population, requiring massive government and industrial intervention to quickly convince every healthy uterus in the country to promptly get a baby growing in it, so the population will rebound from the massive destruction.” I mean, WHY THE FUCK DO THEY HAVE TO RUN ADS TELLING PEOPLE THAT IT IS GREAT TO HAVE BABIES? I thought that whole estrogen release mechanism implanted inside most women at birth did a good enough job, coupled with the giant tax incentive and the fact that pretty much everyone out there doesn’t give a fuck about something like a Nobel Prize, but they perk up like a cat seeing a mouse scurry by whenever someone produces a little baby to drool over. So yeah, maybe more kids need to die before they’re born. I don’t know. Maybe I am a tad pessimistic about this stuff.

I finished the sailing book, and now I’m reading a very bad book about working in fast food. I think I might quit reading it and switch to something else. The only positive thing is that it’s convinced me I could do better writing some sort of service industry horror book.

Also, I am still thirsty. I am hoping it is diabetes, because that has a lot of cool accessories and gadgets. Maybe I can get a blood reader thingee for my new laptop.


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