Going to Indiana

I’m leaving in a couple of hours for a week in Indiana. It should be pretty sedate. People have been batshit insane here in New York over the elections, so it will be nice to not be around a bunch of people who suddenly think they are experts on national tax law. And if Bush does win, I won’t be at ground zero of the rioting in the solidly red state.

I really don’t care that much who wins, because I’m not tightly wrapped up in either of the candidates. People on both sides of the fence think if their candidate wins, all the problems will be solved, and if the other guy gets the vote, the world will suddenly end. People need to wake the fuck up and realize that campaign promises are never met, both sides have to cater to their rich friends and corporations that gave them the hundreds of millions of dollars to get into office, and no matter what happens, life goes on. It’s not going to be like people will be rounded up into camps. And before you start that Guantanamo shit, you should know that as far as civil rights violations, Bush isn’t even in the top three. Lincoln skirted due process on about 38,000 people, mostly draft dodgers and traitors up North; FDR started up camps for the Japanese; Wilson’s sedition act threw thousands in jail with no trial. Before you accuse a president of being the worst ever on an issue, you should actually go back and make sure they are. I hate when people who flunked high school history and can’t even name five states other than New York and California are suddenly certified experts on presidential history.

Half of me wants Bush to win so I can laugh at all the people who thought this election would be a cakewalk and assumed he’d be easily defeated because all of their friends who read The Nation and the New Yorker agree with them about it. But half of me wants Kerry to win because no matter what he preaches, Iraq will continue to be a disaster and health care will continue to suck and all of the people who think it will suddenly start raining jobs when Bush is out of office will realize it’s just same shit, different Yale graduate.

In other election-related news, ABC seems to have found/bought/made a tape of a terrorist giving a shout out to his homies in Mecca, and some think it’s Adam Gadahn. While that’s up in the air, I got another reporter call last night, and talked to someone for a bit about it. I’ve been answering my phone more religiously than usual, partially because I’m planning this trip and getting calls from the family, and I’m also half-expecting to get a pollster calling me, since I was part of the Nielsen family this year and maybe they buy lists from the same place. Anyway, that means I got stuck talking to a reporter, and also talking to the idiots at Chase who are always trying to get me to buy that credit insurance bullshit. Anyway, I fear coming home next week to find 78 messages from reporters, but what can you do.

I have been working on a new book that is a lot like Rumored to Exist. Not really a sequel, and I don’t entirely know what the structure will be, but I am writing chunks of stuff for it. And I am taking off between xmas and new years to just write. I am sort of not sure the direction I am going with it, since I don’t really have anyone to check out new stuff. I used to read stuff to Ray over the phone as a litmus test to see if it was good or not, but now he has a satellite TV and watches like 80 hours a week, so anytime I call and start reading stuff, I can tell he’s watching TV and not paying attention. And I’m not even going to go into the frustration of emailing shit to people and then either not having them respond, or reply with “yeah, it’s nice.” Or “it’s ok, but I liked that other stuff, which I’m now not going to specifically mention so you have to look at the million words you’ve written in the last ten years and decide what’s good and what isn’t”. Or something.

Anyway, it’s 1:15 and the car gets here at 2 and I haven’t packed or eaten lunch, so I better get off this damn thing. See you next week.


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