Satanic conspiracy, eBay

Friday night. Listening to Chick Corea, waiting for a damn eBay auction to end. It’s my auction, selling off the sidekick, and I am hoping someone will jump in and double the price in the next ten minutes, but nothing has happened yet. And it isn’t Chick Corea, but rather Chick Corea Elektric Band II, with Paint the World, which sounds similar to the older Elektric band who fueled so much of my writing on stuff like Summer Rain and I would like to use this album to get in the mood to write some new stuff, but it isn’t entirely working.

FUCK my auction is going for another ten minutes and a DAY. I can’t read a calendar.

Does anyone out there use RSS? I am thinking about making my index program also spit out RSS, but before I spend any amount of time working on this, I need to know that at least more than one person will actually use it. I think if I did this, there would be an RSS file that would contain the dates that I updated, and then you could pull those in if you had some kind of RSS client. It would be nice if I could then put this thing on livejournal and syndicate it, but I don’t have a paid account, so I don’t have the points.

I had the day off today, and spent all morning asleep. I read this book about Mike Warnke (finished it last night at 2 or 3AM) – he is this evangelical comedian and speaker who became famous in the seventies for giving these talks about how he got all high and into drugs and drinking and women and all of that in the sixties, got into Satanism and became a high priest and grew his hair down to his ass and looked like Marilyn Manson and cut off peoples fingers and drank blood and held high masses and all of that, and then went to Nam and killed gooks and got shot 19 times and saw people get killed and so on, and then returned and got all Jesus and became a minister. You know the story – you’ve heard it a million times if you turn on the Jesus channel. Well, the difference with him is IT WAS ALL BULLSHIT. Big surprise, he was making up all of that, and was just a pencil-necked geek back then and he made it all up. This Christian magazine called Cornerstone basically researched it all out, called up witnesses, went through records, and proved in a very systematic and detailed way that most of the stuff he talked about was pure fiction. They published an article about this in ’92 and it derailed him, but he’s still around. He just threw up more smoke about being all sorry for “exaggerating” and please forgive him blah blah. What a bunch of bullshit. He was one of the prime reasons for the whole Satanic ritual abuse bullshit going on in the Eighties. He gladly appeared on all of those Oprah and Geraldo shows about the Satanic “conspiracy”, along with a bunch of other “experts” who were largely named experts by other people with bullshit credentials.

Anyway, the book ended with an unlikely chapter wherein the two writers (who were Christian, just not actively ripping people off like Warnke) went for a dinner with Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan. It was a strange meeting of the minds, not unlike seeing Richard Nixon and Elvis shaking hands. It was more like seeing Richard Nixon and Fidel Castro in the same room. But it’s strange because LaVay (who confirmed that Warnke was full of shit and that he never met him, let alone knew about his 1500-person coven in southern California, which is probably like three times bigger than the Church of Satan was) had some similarities. At the least, LaVey spent a lot of time inventing his own past, from his own name to his stories of working for the city police to being head organist of the opera to his tales of riches, which were debunked when he later filed for bankruptcy. I have to admire LaVey’s philosophy in the sense that he seemed well-read and wrote a bible that made some sense in the basic tenets of man’s needs, or at least more sense than any modern interpretation of the Christian bible. But LaVey was a sixties marketer in a vastly expanding world. While the Christian evangelists had their hands in every pocket trying to save America’s children from the evils of Satan on every cable channel and shopping mall promenade out there, they rapidly turned people away from any sort of sixties love-fest that LaVey originally harnessed for his “live for yourself” humanist version of Satanism. If he would have hired a prodigy that would have attacked the record labels and internet and book stores like Christians did, we’d all be at a black mass right now instead of messing with our computers.



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