Pearl Harbor and the Grammies

I turned off the TV and vowed not to play any of the Simpsons game tonight and to actually focus on getting some work done, but I think the work may involve editing a DVD. I hate working on DVDs because I have to reboot my machine into Windows, and I now don’t have an easy way to do that; I have to manually unplug the main Linux drive and plug in the Windows one, with a reboot on either side of that. It’s enough of a pain in the ass that I don’t do it regularly, so maybe I’ll pick at some short stories instead, or just read.

I watched most of the Pearl Harbor movie on Sunday night. I guess ABC was running it as a loss-leader since every brainless idiot out there was watching the Grammies, hoping for another boob shot or something. I really don’t understand the Grammies (or is it Grammys?) but then I don’t grok the music industry anyway. Pretty much everything out there these days is just a highly polished R&B or rap derivitave co-opted by a bunch of Gap models and used by large corporations to brainwash kids into buying more fast food and cell phones. On Monday, everyone at work was talking about how talented Justin Timberlake is. I don’t think anybody who has a top 40 hit is talented, because to have one you pretty much need to play someone else’s song and you need to play by this total formula so that you maximize the number of people that like your song. None of those people write music that challenges people or touches the edge of the envelope; it’s the same three chords in the same major key and it’s mostly about what you look like and what you wear. I thought this was a given twenty years ago and we could get past it, but now it’s ten times worse. People: if you can play the hit song on your touchtone telephone, it is not musically interesting at all. End of story.

So anyway, Pearl Harbor. This was about 40 minutes of really interesting stuff mixed with about two hours of bullshit. The stuff with the love story didn’t do anything for me, and the end stuff with the Doolittle raid wasn’t that great either. I thought they should have just ended on December 7th with the guys crawling out of the oil and onto shore with a Charlton Heston voice-over of “in the years to come, these fine men would fight for their country and turn back the tide of blah blah blah”, roll credits. Add to that the fact that Alec Baldwin cannot act for shit, and it really killed the movie. My advice is to skip around the first half, watch the battle twice, and then rent Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo to get the B-25 raiders stuff in there.

That said, I did put the super-deluxe version of the DVD on my wish list because from what I have heard, the extra discs of background stuff make it worthwhile. And as corny as it may sound, those shots of Waikiki and Ford Island really reminded me of how incredible my trip there last year was, and how much I want to go back. It’s not in the cards in the near future, because of money and I have to go back to Indiana when the new niece/nephew shows up, but maybe in the next few years.

I’ve been thinking too much about money lately, budgeting things down to the penny and repeating to myself “it’s not the timing of the market, it’s the time in the market” as much as possible to justify spending the least amount possible on food so I can put every penny I can into e*trade. I caught Coke on a market order at the start of the day on Monday, and got a grand in at 52.10. It went up about two bucks on speculation about some goldman report on their earnings call tomorrow, but it went soft today and I’m about where I started. I have always thought Coke was a good long-haul stock though, since it has split a fuckload of times over the years and always pays dividends. I have my eye on a lot of other stuff, and about two grand of loose cash to throw into something else, but I need to think about other stuff and not worry about it. My new year’s resolution last year was never to sell any more stock, and I hit that by not buying any stock. This year I hope to buy in a bit more and hang onto it for as long as possible.

Not much else. It’s 9:00 and time to get to work.


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