Medal of Honor: Rising Piece of Shit

God damn it, I can’t believe it, but I think I finished Medal of Honor: Rising Sun already. I say “I think” because I finished this level, and then the credits rolled and it went back to the main screen, and that’s it. There’s this plot point that the main dude has a brother that was captured by the Japanese, and I thought there would be some big, final battle where you break him out of a POW camp, but there isn’t. I just looked at the EA website, and it’s pretty much full of posts saying “Is the aircraft carrier level the last one? What a load of bullshit!” There are seriously only like nine levels, and the last one is so short, it’s a joke. Plus the first one is also short. So it’s really like seven levels. There are also multiplayer/network games, but the first-person mechanism in the game is too “floaty” to really make it easy to run around and randomly shoot shit. Plus I don’t want to get my ass kicked online by a bunch of fourteen-year-olds that practice all day on it. At least now that it’s done, I will have that much more free time after I get home from work each day, at least until I buy more PS2 games.

On a related note, I’m reading Walter Lord’s Day of Infamy, a fairly well-recommended book on the attack on Pearl Harbor. It’s interesting, but also a bit jumbled. In thinking about how I write stuff, I wonder how someone would go about writing a book about an event where so many things happen at once – torpedos, bombings, strafing, midget sub attacks – and thread all of the different involved parties’ stories together in such a way that truly shows how the all-hell-breaking-loose tension must have been at the time. I don’t know if Lord went through old records, or interviewed a bunch of people, or researched existing stories and articles, or what. But in places it seems like has simply thrown together account after account, snippets of “person X was doing Y”, and I wonder if he had some greater purpose, like a timeline he followed or some other method of sorting. It’s not footnoted or anything, so it’s hard to tell. It makes me want to go out and buy 47 more books on Pearl Harbor and get out a razor and cut them all loose from their bindings and start taping them to the walls of my apartment and then build a model of Ford Island with a bunch of model ships and really get shit straight and then film it all on my camcorder. Or maybe not.

It’s cold as hell outside again, and I really hope I do not get sick again. I’m already hitting the orange juice and minimizing my time outside. I was going to write more, but my dinner is here (pancakes), so I must go watch the trainwreck of a Wednesday night TV lineup and eat.


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