I have been doing nothing but eating pizza, drinking lots of Coke, and listening to this Hammerfall CD over and over and over and over. It is the best CD in the world.

I started writing a new book. It is like Rumored to Exist but way more offensive and it has more of a linear story. That is all I can tell you for now. But it will be cool.

I am going to see John Sheppard read in Boston on August 1st, and you should go if you have the means. There is a remote chance that I will actually read from Rumored to Exist, but it depends on my blood alcohol level at the time. Oh, and I bought tickets to go to Vegas on October 24-29. I have no idea where I am staying. If there is even a remote chance that you want to go to Vegas, you should go with me. Or bank up your change and go in January when I’m sure my cohorts will try to get me to throw up in another four-star restaurant.

I love this CD. Here is a quote. It is all cheesy Swedish new-school Viking warrior metal that sounds like Helloween, but I love it.

Always standing proud, we know our time has come
marching off to war, the crusade has just begun
Fighting for the right to live under the sun
we won’t stop ’til they’ve lost and we’ve won

Come and fly with us, together as one we belong
This magic of metal unites us, it’s making us strong

Like an arrow we strike – STRONGER THAN ALL
heavy metal troops on the rise
Like an arrow of might – STRONGER THAN ALL
We’ll walk through fire, we’re true to ourselves and our lives

History commits the oath to deal in steel
Warriors of the Faith, to no living soul we kneel
Born into the fold, the Templars are for real
no one will ever bring us to heel

Come and fly with us, together as one we belong
this magic of metal unites us, it’s making us strong

Semper Fi, motherfuckers!


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