Interview in Dark Legions

I’m starving and ready to head out the door for some food. I drank an entire quart of Tropicana Season’s Best orange juice, which seemed to have temporarily slowed the cold. And I talked to Ray last night for about two hours about all of the shit going on with the book, and I think I have a possible structure for #3, and I need to get going on that. But I can’t start until the cold is gone.

Here’s something for you to read – I have an incredibly long interview in the Dark Legions Archive. It’s with this dude I’ve known online for over ten years now. He used to do a Death Metal radio show at Pomona, and got online to track down music and to start an online zine. Over the years, we’ve both done tons of reviews, shows, interviews, zines, webpages, and everything else. It was very cool to do the interview with him, and I think it’s good reading plus it has a layout with photos and stuff. So check it out.

I’m going to get lunch now…


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