I’m sick of the news coverage on this shooting, especially since 100% of it is insulting and stupid. Am I the only person in the united states who realizes that the kind of coat you wear does not make you a homicidal maniac? I’m sick of hearing that if you don’t like sports or if you listen to different music or you know a lot about computers, you are a serial killer. People keep saying that teens are under so much pressure and this couldn’t have happened ten years ago. I remember when I was in high school ten years ago, and I remembered the idiotic caste system my midwestern, suburban school ran by. And now I see all of these crying teens who are traumatized by seeing their friends die (but not too traumatized to talk to newscrews) who say these kids did it because they were different. Here’s a fucking clue to all of you: they did it because you treated them like shit.

Speaking of going postal, I’ve been spending all afternoon waiting for a certified package that the PO lost on Monday. They said it would be here today, and I didn’t want to miss it. Now, I’m starving and want to get the hell out of here to eat. I’m 100% certain the mail carrier will show up with the package about a minute after I leave. Oh well.


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