What are the things in your life that you love the most?

I’m supposed to write a collaborative thing for On Display, but I’ve been balls-deep in another project all week. It’s great to be writing like a madman again, but nothing else is getting done. Also, my friend Michael is in town, and I did some running around with him. There are a million other excuses, but it’s almost the end of the month, and I have to get this thing done. So here goes.

The Feb. collab question is: What are the things in your life that you love the most? I immediately envisioned a bunch of pages on geocities by anonymous journalers with cute names, their pages covered with hearts and rainbows and animated gifs of puppies with wagging tails. Their entries would be like this: “I love my mommy. I love my daddy. I love my boyfriend. I love the band U2. I love all of Amy Tan’s books. I love the dolphins. I love all of my friends from high school. I love my hometown. I love Touched by an Angel. I love the following 263 online journals which are nearly identical to mine.”

Of course, regular readers of my journal and any of my close friends know that I hate a lot. Maybe it’s not that I hate a lot, but I don’t accept a lot of things that people are supposed to accept without even thinking about it. I have a lot of ideas about an ideal society where people think and don’t judge each other, and our society is so far from that ideal, that I simply hate about 65% of it. I hate cops. I hate politicians. I hate people who run around yelling “what about our children”. I hate Microsoft. I hate bigots. I hate 90% of the people in the Midwest. I hate religion. I hate the moral majority. And based on this, I can’t go around loving everything I can point at, like many people.

But I’m supposed to write about what I love. I’ll cut to the chase and try to put it in a list.


  • The small group of people who have unconditionally stood by me over years of bullshit.
  • Bacon
  • Linux
  • Compact discs
  • Coke
  • my MiniDisc recorder
  • The smell of diesel exhaust, a rich running gas engine, Lysol, Obsession for men, Drakkar, Pine-Sol, Coast soap, new electronics, and the wiring of an old VW. All of these are time machines into my past.
  • Entombed: Clandestine; Queensryche: Empire; Pat Metheny: Imaginary Day; Lizzy Borden: Master of Disguise; Metallica: Master of Puppets; Chick Corea: Beneath the Mask; Guns ‘N Roses: Use Your Illusion II; Gary Moore: Run for Cover. I love many CDs, but these ones are also time machines into my past.
  • Both of the books I’ve written, and much of the other stuff I’ve done over the years.
  • the fact that I’ll be moving in a month.
  • the expectations I have for my future.
  • the memories I have of the past.

I hope that list isn’t too mushy.


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