Jimi Hendrix is the wrong music for this trip

Decided to go grocery shopping. The megaphone blared “you have 10 more minutes to make an alcohol purchase” so I dropped my Pot Pies and headed over to aisle 10. Am now almost finished tearing through a 6 of Rolling Rock, listening to Jimi Hendrix. I’m amazed at how much I can focus on writing if I really try. It’s been so long – 6 – 12 oz bottles of beer is what a fifth of rum used to be.

I worked on the bio – summer of 93. I miss those times – waiting for Tanya, working on Metal Curse with Ray, hanging out with Tom. The Hardee’s late night window, putting my balls against a grinder – wait, that wasn’t me.

Jimi Hendrix is the wrong music for this trip. I watched the Indians picking up the rubble of Woodstock – that was Wayne’s World 2. I have an urge to sleep with every girlfriend I’ve ever had, again, in order. Mexican cheese. I just put my dick in the microwave. 78 rpm. – i fucked the blowhole of a tagged whale – 14 points of time all in one CD. We silver plate the white aryan race of clarinets. They keep trying to get me to drive their cars – it’s the catch. Tell her I want to see if her tan lines are real before she fakes the phone calls. I’d rather bring her to Macri’s deli for a reuben but they don’t give you fries, only chips. Allen Ginsberg fucked Jimi Hendrix, the building on fire. I want a fudge browie, can’t drive. I wrote musical score in ASCII and smashed my head through a VGA monitor/ She taught me Japanese and the history of rock and roll, dubbing cassetes at 4x speed / little richard / the beetles / i dont know all of the 12 steps but i will read you the classified ads and go to see the movie SNEAKERs. i heard about him in the wood paneled lounge, i heard in english class that he cheated on his girlfriend. her name was monica, what a couincidence, she blew him in the back of a ben and jerrys/ i used to walk there, five bucks and a pint of peanut butter crunch or was it a gallon? half gallon? five bucks/ she met him there, stil lin love with me back then but now they are engauged, maybe married. she was embarassed, they all were. but she won out. i wanted to blow my brains out, didnt have a gun/ halloween parties, i i wished i was drunk. i was later. many times. even now. i called people on the phonme/ jimi hendrix, it remindes me of whe i had the vinyl. two copies, taped up but they played. videotape everything. slayer songs embedded in the bac code. his cd player had 23 minutes skip buffer. i forgot his name but he had a spiderman costume, swung down the stairwells and i stole his slot car track. but first, are you experienced? i have. have not. iveeaten mcdonalds ketchup. doritos are made with dog parts. let me prove it to you….



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