Moving Israel to Colorado

Been thinking about the Burroughs death – everyone on the usenet newsgroup has posted these big, stupid ramblings about “Burroughs was the king! I cried so much when he died, almost as much as when Kurt Cobain was murdered!” Blah blah blah.

I guess to me, death isn’t a big thing. I thought of the perfect metaphor to summarize it – death is like when you move across the country and then you realize that your favorite restaurant isn’t there and there’s not one anything like it. You might occasionally get pissed off, but you you don’t stand on top of a car and start crying and yell “THE NEW YORK BAGEL AND DELI WAS THE BEST GOD DAMNED PLACE IN THE WORLD TO GET A TURKEY AND SWISS SO WE SHOULD ALL SHUT DOWN THE CITY!” I don’t see how people can not care that the US government is spraying napalm from their helicopters into the inner cities, but they get so fucking bent out of shape when their hamster dies. I don’t get all weird about god or reincarnation or anything else. I think that a person dying is about like when a tape you like breaks and you have to throw it in the garbage. It’s a waste, but nobody lives forever.

The Blue Angels were practicing at lunch today. It sounded like a war zone, or like a different war zone than I’m used to. It wasn’t much louder than the stupid fucking ambulences that I hear every night. It sounded like I lived in Israel or one of those other war-torn countries. I never understood why so many people think Israel is the promised land. I mean, people used to think that Bellevue and Kirkland were the promised land about 10 years ago. Now they suck, so they think Issaquah is the promised land. Can’t they just move any holy artifacts and relics from Israel to some nicely developed area in Colorado or something? It would make it easier for Jewish people to visit their holy land if it was in Aspen or something, and there would be no bombings that far inland. I’m not religious, I guess I don’t understand the importance of these things.


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