Ellen is gay

I don’t have much to write, because my telnet connection slows to a halt and them dumps me about every 7 minutes. The timeouts are really brief, and under any platform but Windows NT, the computer will just patiently wait for the congestion to stop and let m

Well, that was crash 4. I’m on a Mac now, which seems to deal with this thing in a realistic manner, unlike my stupid NT machine. The connection is still fucking slow, but at least it’s still a connection.

Not much is going on here otherwise. I slept for hours after work last night, and then slept almost 8 hours last night. It feels good to be under for that long, but it makes the days run into each other more. If all of my time is spent between work and sleep, even if I only work 40 hours, it seems like I’m always working.

I didn’t watch the Ellen show last night – like I give a fuck about Ellen. I wouldn’t doubt it if she wasn’t really gay at all. And as for the social consequences – now gay women have the right to be made fun of on a stupid sitcom. That’s a right I wouldn’t want to fight for if I was gay. This is proof positive that the sitcom is a dead form of entertaimnent unless you inject it with stupid hype.

I guess I am going to Bill’s tonight to hang out with them and Thor. It’s always good to get out of the house on Thursday, otherwise I’ll just start watching TV. It’s too addictive – I’m thinking about cutting my cable or something. But I’ve been reading way more and I have only turned on trhe set once all week. It’s almost like the old days of no TV and a book a day…


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